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Luxottica has announced a GTR exclusive launch for the new Oakley Silver which hit stores across travel retail this month.

The launch is tied in with in-store communications which come in multiple languages to match the global-fit and Asian-fit formats of the design.

Luxottica Group head of global channels Francis Gros said: “Following the success of previous Oakley Travel Retail Exclusives, such as the Chainlink Ruby Iridium model, we’re pleased to bring further uniqueness and differentiation to the sunglasses category in Travel Retail. It’s important that the exclusive sliver frame with prizm lens technology really stands out at point of sale, to help attract travelling Oakley fanatics and shoppers looking of an extra-special sunglasses purchase.”

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About Oakley, Inc.
Established in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California, Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world. The holder of more than 600 patents, Oakley is a culture of creators, inventors, idealists and scientists obsessed with using design and innovation to create products and experiences that inspire greatness. This philosophy has made Oakley one of the most iconic and inimitable brands on the market, with products that world-class athletes around the globe depend on to compete at the highest level possible. Oakley is known for its High Definition Optics®, which feature unparalleled optical clarity and precision along with impact resistance and UV protection, incorporated into all of the brand’s sun, prescription eyewear and premium goggles. Oakley extended its position as the world’s leading sports eyewear brand into apparel and accessories. Oakley has men’s and women’s product lines that appeal to Sports Performance, Active and Lifestyle consumers. Oakley is a subsidiary of Luxottica Group. Additional information is available at

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If you love gadgets and sports then try out a pair of Oakley Radar Pace ”intelligent” sunglasses, a real-time voice activated coaching system developed in collaboration with technology company Intel.

It’s like having a personal trainer give you instructions through an earpiece as you run or cycle. At $590 it’s an expensive pair of smart glasses, but cheaper than a flesh-and-blood trainer.


Just like a personal trainer, but less sweaty.
Just like a personal trainer, but less sweaty. Photo: Supplied
The glasses pair to the Radar Pace app on your phone, creating workout sessions based on age, height, weight, physical fitness, goals, and so on. Workouts are adjusted over time from performance information gathered by internal sensors in the frames, as well as paired third party sensors, such as heart rate monitors. The coaching focuses on technique, endurance, speed and strength.

The superiority of the Oakley Radar Pace glasses lies in the connected wireless earpieces. Voice communication is through these rather than your phone. You can ask questions about workout plans, possible strategies for improvement, and request spot-checks on your heart rate. Mostly it understands, but it can feel ridiculous running and talking into the air.

The sunnies are lightweight and supremely comfortable to wear, even with the earpieces. But as a fashion statement, they are no Tom Fords. The first thing that struck me about them was how unattractive they are, but the shape of the lenses has been around for a while and they do appeal to a certain type of sports fan.

Unfortunately, the phone is needed when you’re exercising, which is annoying when you want to run unencumbered by too many gadgets. As soon as all the intelligence is built into the earpieces the glasses will be optional, and hopefully the phone can be left at home too.

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“Ah crap, I forgot to charge my sunglasses!”

This is not a sentence I ever thought I’d be uttering but then I started training with Oakley Radar Pace. Just a few years ago, we weren’t charging our groupsets either, so I guess its not all that strange really.

Over two years in the making, Oakley’s Radar Pace is a real-time voice activated coaching system parading as a set of sunglasses. With the help of a mobile app, you can set up a personalised training program, track your performance and receive real-time coaching via the eyewear’s headphones.

Note that the Radar Pace is purely a training tool, designed specifically for cycling or running, and not something that’s going to replace your Garmin or smart watch. And while there still are various software kinks to work out, the Radar Pace may be an early taste of technology we come to consider a training essential.
The detachable earbuds are connected through a micro USB port, which are also used to charge the glasses.

At first glance Radar Pace looks like any other set of Oakley sunglasses, and performs like them too! They’re relatively lightweight, comfortable to wear and feature Oakley’s top-shelf Prizm lens – all good things.

It’s not until you get a closer look at the arms of the frame that you notice the Intel-created hardware. At the temples, you’ll find a touchpad, various sensors, Bluetooth, microphones and micro USB plug-ins for the detachable headphones. All in all, the frame features three microphones and no less than five sensors: an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer as well as humidity and proximity sensors. The frames are also equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology for pairing third-party sensors like your heartrate strap, power meter and cadence sensors.

All this data is communicated to the Radar Pace app and back to you via a friendly female voice in your headphones. Think of “Radar” as a Siri or Alexa who specialises in training; specifically, your training in running or cycling.

In using the Radar Pace app you can create a completely personalised training plan – unfortunately only one plan and one sport at a time – and Radar will help you get through the workouts. She will tell you what intervals to do, give real-time updates on your progress like speed, power and distance. Radar will even answer any questions you might have during the workout. “Ok Radar, why are hills important?” She will compliment you – “well done, you climbed 200 feet in 2 minutes” – or reprimand you – “your cadence is too slow”.

You can also listen to music and take calls. Your workout data is automatically uploaded into your training plan and analysed, and you can read Radar’s feedback in the app. The software will even adjust based on your progress.
Featuring the Prizm lens, at first glance, the Radar Pace look like any other Oakley glasses.

The technology does have some drawbacks, with its dependency on your smartphone being the primary one. I experienced frequent connectivity issues with the IOS 10, which abruptly paused or ended the workout. Data is not processed while disconnected, meaning that workouts were left incomplete which in turn affects the overall training plan.

Workouts also cannot be paused or restarted manually. The software will auto-pause your workout but there is a delay in restarting, which in stop-and-go city riding was a bit annoying. Equally annoying is Radar’s dislike for steep hills for training, which in Seattle are unavoidable. “This climb is too steep” was a common reprimand and uttering “Oh shut it, Radar!” to a computer no one can see does garner some strange looks from passersby.

Training with Radar this winter was tough in general because while clear lenses are available, mine did not ship with them. On most days, riding was done in the dark or greyness at best and so Radar was left at home. Additionally, the software shuts down in cold weather and battery life – on both the phone and glasses – are shortened in cold conditions. When, due to Radar’s dependency on the app, your phone dies so does your workout.

The app, while easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, does not allow you to manually upload files in case of any of the above scenarios, which can affect your training plan. The app also doesn’t sync with Strava, TrainingPeaks or Garmin Connect, meaning you’ll have to manually export and import files from one app to another to get KOM cred.

Finally, there’s the socially awkward aspect as you appear to be talking to yourself, and the safety issue of riding with earbuds in.


With all that said, Radar Pace is a novel approach to training and a vast improvement from a stock training plan you can buy off the internet. The 6-14 week training plan is completely tailored around your capabilities and your target.

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The pace was quick Wednesday at the Oakley-Lindsay Center as residents visited briefly with a nurse before they were given a 10-day supply of medication to prevent contracting anthrax.

Of course, it was all just a drill.
This is the first time the county has staged this type of public health drill.

“We were scheduled to do a full-scale exercise in 2009, and we actually had a real-world event with H1N1,” Drummond said, referring to a swine flu outbreak that year. “So in 2009, we actually did a mass vaccination clinic for H1N1 at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.”
From the M2 Fairway Wood, boasting a brand-new carbon-composite crown and speed pocket to increase ball speed, to the silky-smooth and comfortable 2UNDR underwear, to the Oakley Flak 2.0 Prizm Sunglasses, which display beautiful HD clarity, contrast and color.

Oakley Founder’s Vatuvara Private Islands Here Named Best Of The Best

It islands, comprising of Kaibu and Vatuvara Islands, is owned and was developed by billionaire founder of Oakley and RED Digital Camera, Jim Jannard.

The June issue of Robb Report highlights over 150 Best of the Best award winners.

Vatuvara Private Islands are only accessible by the resort’s private airplane.

Vatuvara Private Islands offers all-­inclusive bespoke itineraries and is available for whole island occupancy or as one of the three villas.

Managed by Rob and Lynda Miller who each have over 30 years experience in the Fijian tourism industry, Vatuvara Private Islands offers clients authentic Fijian experiences.

The report noted: “Leave it to Oakley founder James Jannard to take the private-island experience to new extremes.